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Our instructors are focused on helping students improve and obtain goals.  Our instructors have been working with students, in the area, for over 20-years and assisted hundreds to make changes in their lives.
Steve Snyder

Steve Snyder is an extremely accomplished martial artist.  He is known and respected worldwide amongst many of the legends within TaeKwonDo, Kickboxing, and Brazilian JiuJitsu.  Snyder uses these resources and accomplishments to bring the best teaching principles to students within the academy. His focus is primarily driven towards guiding student’s training and helping them achieve personal goals.


Snyder is highly involved with the community through his continual work with Special Olympics, Women's Shelter, Salvation Army, and Relay for Life; to name a few.  He regularly performs motivational speaking at schools, businesses, and community organizations.  Snyder is also a Protective Tactics Instructor for the High Point Police Department, who works with other local, state, and federal agencies.

Steve Snyder is co-owner (with his wife) and the Chief Instructor at the academy. He obtained his advanced education from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro and is a U.S. Naval Submarine Veteran. Outside the martial arts, Steve Snyder most enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Specific Accomplishments:
- Adjunct Professor at High Point University (HPU)

- High Point University BJJ Club Coach & Kickboxing Club Coach.

- High Point Police Protective Tactis Instructor Team

- Member of the High Point Chamber of Commerce.

- 2014 awarded Honorary Colonel rank by the High Point Police Chief, Marty Sumner

- 2013 "Instructor of the Year" (Joe Lewis Fighting Systems)

- 2008 "Pound for Pound Fight Trainer of Year" (presented by Joe Lewis)
- Co-Author "TaeKwonDo Grappling Techniques" with Dr. Tony Kemerly
- One of few in the world to hold black belt ranks under two martial art legends: Mr. Joe Lewis and Mr. Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
- Trained multiple U.S. and World Title Kickbox fighters
- Trained multiple National and World Champion TaeKwonDo competitors
- Trained World Champion Brazilian JiuJitsu competitors


- 6th Degree Black Belt (Joe Lewis Kickboxing)

- 6th Degree Black Belt (Tiger Rock Martial Arts)
- 5th Degree Black Belt (Superfoot Wallace Kickboxing)
- 3rd Degree Black Belt (Robson Moura Brazilian JiuJitsu)

Robson Moura and Steve Snyder
Kickboxing High Point, Greensboro, Archdale, NC
High Point Police Department and Steve Snyder
BJJ High Point, Greensboro Black Belt
Mr. Josh Haywoth

1st Degree Black Belt

BJJ High Point, Greensboro Black Belt
Mr. John Curcio

Black Belt

BJJ High Point, Greensboro Black Belt
Dr. Tony Kemerly

1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Garen Arthur

1st Black Belt

(Ralph Gracie)

BJJ High Point, Greensboro Black Belt
Mr. Gabe Sandy

1st Degree Black Belt

BJJ High Point, Greensboro Black Belt
Mr. Alan Brown

Black Belt

IMG_2436 copy.JPG
Mr. E. Gunter

Black Belt

Mr. R. Terry

Black Belt